An automatic vegetable farming system

The problem:

  • The source of disease has not been completely isolated on the plant because the laborers are active in the vegetable garden.
  • Monitoring of use of fertilizers and pesticides is not sufficiently informative and objective.
  • The content of high technology agriculture is not specific in the official curriculum


  • Building a model of automatic vegetable farming, controlled over the internet.
  • Introduce this model in the STEM curriculum for secondary school students.

Long term objectives:

  • Put the IoT data on blockchain for access to information regarding food quality.
  • Introduce students to blockchain, IoT, big data applications in agriculture. Further extension on AI for identification of pest status based on images and giving treatment for simple problems such as plants having too much or too little water.


Main website of the project:

The system includes these automated components:

  • Sowing seeds: Select seeds from the driver on the internet.
  • Watering: based on humidity sensor or daily manual setup from user.
  • Fertilizing: based on user settings.

Description of the structure of the system:

  • 3-axis transmission system
  • Tracking system: humidity sensor, camera
  • Irrigation pump system